The Fremonts gear up for new album and live cabaret!

It has been a busy 8 months! We are incredibly proud to announce that our new album, The Failure Cabaret, is finished and will be released on Friday, April 26th.

As if that wasn’t enough news, the release of the new album will be surrounded by three performances of our new stage show of the same name. We’ll be releasing more information about the where, the when and the why very soon.

Stay tuned!

-Steph & Justin

The Fremonts LIVE from eTown Music Hall

We had an incredible time playing with Foxfeather & Paul Kimbiris at eTown Music Hall back in May. The venue has a storied past and a sound that echos the historic voices that have show through it's halls. Throughout the next few months, we'll be posting some tunes from our live set here on The first two available are a pair of new songs: Shadow Sees & The Kids Who Always Swim.