See Ya Later, Colorado!

After almost 5 and a half years in Colorado, we are packing up the dog and moving back to the east coast, specifically to the Berkshires. While we are thrilled about the move (and relieved that weed is legal in Massachusetts), there's a lot that we'll miss about Colorful Colorado. When we first arrived here, we only had a handful of songs and most of them were pretty awful. Living out here gave us enough time, space and available venues to play a whole lot of shitty music... and play it and play it and play it until it finally got a little better. We've performed approximately a million shows (both excruciatingly painful and super fun), recorded 3 albums worth of original music, went on a 40 show tour and created an all-new cabaret with Chuck Porter. We also managed to stay married, which is by far our proudest accomplishment.

Thanks for everything, Colorado!

We’ll see you soon, Massachusetts!

-Steph & Justin