The Fremonts ep

1 - How Often

2 - The Flying Daughter

Her mother sang a lullaby
Before she closed her lids to die
Her voice was soft and honey sweet
The tune was low from deep down beneath
Tis the song wakes her now
Trembling out of her sleep

Her father looked to her with scorn
His love was hate.  His heart was torn.
“Oh daughter why when you were young
Did my wife die?  Why did she run?
She was never the same
Since the day you were born”

The daughter prayed to every moon
Hoping the ghost would hear her soon
“Oh mother please, please let me rest.
Remove this stone from my aching breast.
There is only so far
I can bend till I break
Oh mother you know
It’s my heart that’s at steak
Blow me a kiss, watch me fly away.”
Beware how quickly the key is thrown
The cage stays the same no matter how you’ve grown
It digs.  It burrows.  Gets under your skin.
Only one way out once you’ve been locked in.

The daughter swore upon her soul
She’d soon escape, she’d soon be whole
She’d fly away.  She’d touch the sky.
The fire burns behind her eyes.
“Oh daughter forgive me,”
She heard the ghost weep.
“I can only release you
When you lie asleep.”

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3 - Howl

4 - Violet

5 - Echo


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