we don't live there

1 - We Don't Live There

2 - Back To The Mountain

3 - Tillman's Wall

4 - Olivia

5 - Holding Place

6 - Tell My Mother

7 - Joanne

Your mother’s red car has run up on the side of the road
Go wake her up, cause it’s time that she found her way home
Grown up too damn fast

There goes your father, flew off to the eye of the storm
Look to the sky, feel the breeze as he’s keeping you warm
This nightmare won’t last

Hold my hand
Don’t you cry tonight

Two little brothers grown up to be men of the world
Put that red car in reverse, be a carefree young girl
Kids play hide and seek

Come on out
Come on out tonight
Come on out tonight

Oh Joanne, things don’t go as planned
Oh Joanne, build your own dreamland

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8 - Who Fears The Devil?



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