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Born in New York City and raised in Boulder, CO, The Fremonts create unique theatrical experiences for their audiences by blending americana music and storytelling with a cabaret aesthetic.  Stephanie Dodd (originally from Fremont, Nebraska - vocals/accordion) and Justin Badger (originally from Fremont, California - vocals/guitar) present their original music with performance skills honed from years of working as professional actors.

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info@thefremontsmusic.com | 917-375-7349

latest release

the failure cabaret

1 - How Often
2 - Find Me

5 - Kids Who Always Swim
6 - Fear of Consequences
7 - Gravity
8 - Shadow Sees
9 - Pretty as it Seems
10 - We Don’t Live There

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album description

In their upcoming release, The Failure Cabaret, The Fremonts get back to their theatrical roots and blend a cabaret vibe into their traditional americana sounds. After leaving NYC and their acting career ambitions behind, Stephanie Dodd (Vocals/Accordion/Fremont NE) & Justin Badger (Vocals/Guitar/Fremont CA) moved to Boulder and started writing music. These songs, recorded with only guitar, accordion, vocals and a tiny bit of kick drum, get down to the essence of what they’ve learned about love, mental health and getting back up. This album has a companion piece, a live comedy cabaret by the same title, which was born when Executive Producer, Chuck Porter declared, “Let’s make a show, kids!” after a few beers in a hotel bar.

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Americana / cabaret / folk

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"Dodd (vocals/keyboard/xylophone) has a gentle, soothing voice that guides you along their lyrical stories. And Badger (vocals/guitar/suitcase kick drum) brings in strong, turbulent tones. It’s a perfect fit... Raw, pretty, gruff, delicate, restless, soft, rugged. That’s The Fremonts."

-Hannah Oreskovich, bolderbeat.com

“'How do we get to the light, to the beauty and calm we see on the horizon? How do we tame the chaos of our hearts?'  The Fremonts’ answer is to work your ass off to make your own place, and that’s exactly what they have done. They stake a claim, and they’re not giving it up."

-Libby EmmonsSpill Magazine

“What really sets this husband and wife duo apart is their storytelling and the inspiration behind their stories. On We Don’t Live There, The Fremonts combine what sometimes feel like ghost stories of old with what they say is “the heartache of leaving our past in a distant skyline and walking into fresh, open spaces with hope for the future.” You'll hear what I mean in the ballad track “Olivia.” It’s a tune with a progressive interlude (which you don’t always find in classic Americana) that also beckons the roots of the genre in an original way with a story that leaves you a bit haunted."

-Trevor Ryan, BolderBeat.com

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