Born in New York City and raised in Boulder, Colorado, The Fremonts weave Midwestern ghost stories into restless Americana music. Stephanie Dodd (originally from Fremont, Nebraska - vocals/keyboard/xylophone/accordion) and Justin Badger (originally from Fremont, California - vocals/guitar/kick drum) lace their sound with bluegrass, country, blues, folk and indie pop influences. By blending Dodd’s lyrical voice and Badger’s turbulent style, they take on a range of topics from sprawling tales of escape and ambition to quiet disenchantment with traditional roles in American family life. In their three years of creating music together, The Fremonts have unearthed fresh authenticity in their writing and performances through dedicated practice and community building.

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latest release / available june 9th 2017

1 - We Don't Live There

4 - Olivia

5 - Holding Place

6 - Tell My Mother

7- Joanne

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Americana / Folk


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"Dodd (vocals/keyboard/xylophone) has a gentle, soothing voice that guides you along their lyrical stories. And Badger (vocals/guitar/suitcase kick drum) brings in strong, turbulent tones. It’s a perfect fit... Raw, pretty, gruff, delicate, restless, soft, rugged. That’s The Fremonts."

-Hannah Oreskovich,

"With haunting stories of contemporary American life and the compelling characters who people that landscape, The Fremonts’ debut full length We Don’t Live There has been at the top of my playlist since its release."

-Libby EmmonsSpill Magazine

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