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The Failure Cabaret / 2019

The latest release by The Fremonts.

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We don’t live there / 2017

“What really sets this husband and wife duo apart is their storytelling and the inspiration behind their stories. On We Don’t Live There, The Fremonts combine what sometimes feel like ghost stories of old with what they say is “the heartache of leaving our past in a distant skyline and walking into fresh, open spaces with hope for the future.” You'll hear what I mean in the ballad track “Olivia.” It’s a tune with a progressive interlude (which you don’t always find in classic Americana) that also beckons the roots of the genre in an original way with a story that leaves you a bit haunted."

-Trevor Ryan, BolderBeat.com


The Fremonts EP / 2015

"...the 18-minute EP is utterly enjoyable, and the varied emotions it taps with its haphazard theme flow freely from one to another — which is most likely the precise theme that they were shooting for." 

-Marque Magazine, 2015